First Venom Reactions Call It A Complete Failure, As Bad As Catwoman


Well, Venom finally screened for critics tonight and unfortunately, it’s looking like Sony’s newest franchise is off to a pretty rough start.

Admittedly, ever since the studio announced their plans to build a Marvel universe using the Spider-Man characters they still had the rights to, fans were skeptical. I mean, it’s difficult to imagine how you can have Venom or Kraven the Hunter running around in a world without Spidey. But Sony was confident it could work and went ahead and announced a whole bunch of spinoffs before the franchise even took its first step into theaters.

Now, though, Venom has screened and just as we thought, it’s far from the home run the studio was surely hoping it would be. Though full reviews are still under embargo, social media reactions have begun to surface and let’s just say it ain’t pretty, with some folks calling the film a complete failure and comparing it to the dreadful Fantastic Four reboot. Ouch!

To be fair, it’s not all bad, and a lot of people are praising Hardy’s performance, but on the whole, it sounds like critics aren’t impressed by what they saw and here’s just a sampling of what they’re saying so far:

Rough, eh? I mean, we had our doubts about Venom, just as most people did, but to hear it being compared to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four and Catwoman is incredibly concerning and has us questioning where Sony will go next. They’ve already announced spinoffs for Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Silk and more, but will they soldier on and hope for a better future, or could the reception to Venom force them to scrap the whole endeavor before it even really gets going?

That’ll probably all come down to the box office numbers. Thankfully for the studio, then, estimates are pretty positive, with analysts predicting a huge opening for Venom. Then again, once reviews get out there and word of mouth starts to spread, that could change. Either way, it’ll be fascinating to see how the film performs and what shape the studio’s cinematic universe will take from here on out.