One suggestion sends fans into a tailspin for absurd cult favorite horror movies

Psycho Goreman

If you haven’t seen Psycho Goreman you’re missing out. This bonkers 2020 Canadian horror-comedy hits the ground running and doesn’t look back, spinning a ludicrous story of an unstoppably evil alien superhuman monster crash-landing on Earth and ending up under the control of a couple of kids.

It’s a deeply enjoyable watch, relying on hand-crafted special effects, a wicked sense of humor, and some great performances from the young cast members. Now users on r/horror are taking a look back at Psycho Goreman and asking what, if anything, can compare:

The most obvious answer is to make a beeline for the rest of Psycho Goreman production company Astron-6’s filmography. This is studded with outrageously fun horror movies, with The Void, The Editor, and Father’s Day all worthy of your attention. Another user recommends 2015 “Canadian schlock” movie Turbo Kid, which has a very similar vibe to Psycho Goreman.

Other recommendations are visual effects master Phil Tippet’s jaw-dropping Mad God, the two Wyrmwood movies, and The Ruin. But really, even with all those options, there’s not much that lives up to the hi-octane incredibleness of Psycho Goreman.

So it’s fortunate that we have rumblings of a sequel, with director Steven Kostanski confirming in October 2021 that it’s in the early planning stages. The end of the movie has an obvious hook for a follow-up, so we’re hoping we get our homicidal alien buddy back in action as soon as possible.

If you’ve missed out on Psycho Goreman up until now then buy a copy, get some friends together, and crack open a few drinks. You’ll have a fantastic time.