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Original Homecoming Suit Will Feature During Spider-Man: Far From Home

If Tom Holland's latest Instagram post is any indication, his Peter Parker will be reverting back to the original suit at some point during Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Tom Holland and writer-director Jon Watts are bringing the classic Homecoming suit back for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Over on Instagram, Holland posted a selfie video to announce a new initiative from The Brothers Trust, a foundation built to shine a light on those charities in need of a little mainstream attention. The MCU favorite is expected to announce further details in the coming days, but Holland’s choice of clothing has placed Marvel fans on red alert.

As you’ll notice from the Instagram video below, Tom Holland is sporting the original Spider-Man suit as seen in Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War, which looked to have been shelved entirely once Peter Parker got his hands on the Iron Spider armor during Infinity War.

However, if Holland’s latest social media post is any indication, we haven’t seen the last of Parker’s original suit…

Before we dig into the weeds, it’s important to remember Far From Home‘s place on the MCU timeline – tucked away under the shadow of Avengers 4, it’s expected to jump-start Phase 4 of the MCU. And while Jon Watts and Kevin Feige haven’t openly confirmed the finer details, one would assume that 2019’s Homecoming sequel kicks off immediately after the grand finale of Marvel’s fourth Avengers movie, as Peter Parker was among those dusted by Thanos and his souped-up Infinity Gauntlet.

There are many questions yet to be answered, then, but if there’s one takeaway from Holland’s Instagram post, it’s that Peter Parker will be reverting back to his previous suit at some point during his vacation to Europe.

On July 5th, 2019, Spider-Man: Far From Home gets the ball rolling on Phase 4 of Marvel’s cinematic universe, and we simply can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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