Netflix Announces 5 New Original Movies/TV Shows For June

The Last Days Of American Crime

Here’s another important bulletin to help keep you occupied until the fallout levels are low enough to make living on the surface safe again.

If that moment still feels some ways off, at least Netflix are still pumping out content to satisfy the increase in demand that being homebound has entailed. The streaming giant/fledgling studio has a host of original titles coming to the service in April (you can head through here to see those) and a bunch in May (browse them here). But today we’ll be looking even further ahead still, to the smattering of names already slated to debut in June.

Yes, the company has already announced five new originals for the month of June, and here’s what’s on the docket:

Available June 4th – Baki (Part 3)

Available June 5th – The Last Days of American Crime

Available June 10th – Lenox Hill (season 1)

Available June 19th: Father Soldier Son and One Way for Tomorrow

I appreciate that this looks like jumping the gun a little, and obviously, this is far from the only stuff coming in June. But the fact that we’re still a couple of months away means that they probably haven’t finalized their schedule yet. I also appreciate, as I previously mentioned in the April piece, that these titles aren’t the most eye-catching. But in their defense, there’s bound to be some pleasure to be had for viewers within this batch.

Not all quality media has a glamorous profile attached, and for those willing to put the work in, there are always hidden gems to be found. Maybe even Uncut Gems. That pun didn’t make any sense, did it? It’s the thought that counts.

Anyways, tell us, do you plan on seeing any of these new Netflix movies/shows/ok you get the idea? Leave a comment below. I’m not expecting an avalanche.