Oscar Isaac Teases Big Role For C-3PO In Star Wars: Episode IX


It was an emotional day for Oscar Isaac when he wrapped filming on Star Wars: Episode IX, but it may have been an even bigger occasion for Anthony Daniels, whose decades-spanning journey as C-3PO might well be drawing to a close.

Isaac recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he recalled how his final day on the set of Episode IX was overshadowed by Daniels’ departure:

 “It was such a milestone. And what’s particularly special is the day that I finished – these three massive movies, such a huge part of my life – it was like, ‘okay, Oscar’s done,’ so I said a few words. And then it was, ‘and it’s also Anthony Daniels’ last day on set!’ Way to take the thunder…! He’s been there from the very beginning. Originally George Lucas saw the whole thing as a story about C-3PO and R2-D2; these two droids who witness all this history.”

When asked what Daniels was like on his final day, Isaac explained that the 3PO actor was very happy with his experience working on J.J. Abrams’ trilogy-closer:

“He was super emotional about it, hanging up the golden cowl. And I think, and I mean it, he kept saying this was the most fun he’s had. He had so many fun things to do. We got to work a lot together and it was amazing to see that piece of history up close.”

From the sound of things, the droid could be getting a fair amount of screen time in Episode IX. A set photo shared last month by R2-D2 actor Jimmy Vee even indicated that he and Daniels will be sharing some scenes after getting little chance to interact in the last two installments. As for Isaac, the Poe Dameron actor has already implied that his character will engage in some guerrilla warfare, and if a set photo recently shared by Abrams is anything to go by, then he’ll be getting some scenes on a desert planet opposite Rey and Finn.

Nonetheless, Lucasfilm has done a pretty good job of keeping the biggest details under wraps. Right now, it’s a popular prediction that the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX will premiere on April 12th, during a Star Wars Celebration panel attended by Abrams, but regardless of what the next month brings, we’ve still got most of the year to wait before the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Express

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