DC Fans Outraged After Superman Labelled As Not Relevant

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

When you think of classic superheroes, chances are many of you will immediately think of Superman. He is, after all, considered the first real hero and has become the poster child for justice and righteousness in popular culture. With that in mind, it should surprise no one that fans of the Man of Steel have expressed their outrage after the Big Blue Boy Scout was recently labelled as no longer relevant.

A tweet by Variety this week sparked the controversy, in which they talk about Warner Bros.’ lack of clarity when it comes to the original flying hero, saying discussions have been underway to try and make him relevant again.

You can see the full tweet below.

One thing you don’t want to do is piss off an entire fanbase in one go and folks definitely weren’t happy about this, immediately taking to the social media site to express their feelings. Many wasted no time in telling Variety what they thought, making their voices heard about how much Superman is, in fact, still a relevant hero in this day and age.

For fans of Superman, his being an immigrant makes him just as relevant today as when he first appeared in the comics, maybe even more so. We’re not going to go down the political route here, but it seems the modern climate we’re currently living in makes the Man of Steel extremely pertinent to our culture.

While the initial tweet has caused a lot of outrage, it’s important to remember that Superman media is still being produced to this day, with rumors that J.J. Abrams is contemplating taking on the next cinematic project. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but given that the Man of Steel has influenced just about every other comic book hero that’s come along since, it’s hardly surprising that fans are ticked off about this.