Warner Bros. Wants J.J. Abrams To Tackle Superman Or Green Lantern

Green Lantern Superman

Ever since J.J. Abrams signed a first-look deal with the studio a few months ago, there’s been a lot of talk about Warner Bros. putting him to work on the DCEU. It’s a no-brainer, really – of course they’d want the man who’s successfully relaunched both Star Wars and Star Trek to sprinkle some of his magic on the DC universe. Now, we can maybe narrow down Abrams’ future with the franchise to two projects: Superman and Green Lantern.

In a must-read report from Variety on the future of the DCEU, it was confirmed that there’ve been discussions between the Rise of Skywalker director and Warner Bros. about him potentially helming a new Superman movie. Exactly what kind this would be – a reboot or a sequel with Henry Cavill – was left unstated. Variety also revealed that Michael B. Jordan was briefly courted as a new Supes, though, so it’s probably more likely to be the latter.

Elsewhere in the piece, an update on Green Lantern Corps is given. The reboot of the cosmic mythos has been in development hell for about four or five years now, but Variety writes that a new script from Geoff Johns is in the works and should be completed by the end of the year. Once it is, it’s believed the screenplay will be presented to Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions for consideration.

In neither of these cases is it assured that Abrams will be involved, then, but it seems that these are the top two films that WB wants him on board for.

If you’ll recall, We Got This Covered was actually the first outlet to tell you that the director was being eyed to helm a DCEU movie, way back in June, and Variety’s now seemingly confirmed our scoop. While our own sources also mentioned GLC and/or a new Superman flick, they also said that it’s possible he’d direct the Justice League reboot as well. And though Variety doesn’t mention that one, we’re told the option is still on the table.

Tell us, though, which character would you like to see J.J. Abrams tackle most? Superman or Green Lantern? Sound off in the usual place down below.