J.J. Abrams Reportedly Being Offered His Pick Of DCEU Movies

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

J.J. Abrams officially signed an exclusive new deal with Warner Bros. this week, which We Got This Covered has heard means WB hopes to put him to work on the DCEU before long. The director has previously successfully relaunched the Star Trek franchise for Paramount and the Star Wars saga for Disney and now they want some of that magic brought to the DC universe. And to make it happen, we’re told the studio is offering him his choice of projects.

Sources say that Warner Bros. is leaving it up to Abrams to pick whatever appeals to him, though they’re currently hoping he’ll choose one of the three following movies: a Justice League reboot, another Superman film or Green Lantern CorpsWe’ve been informed that it’s unlikely Abrams will go for all three, but it’s definitely possible that he’ll end up helming one of them. And, at a push, two.

We reported over the summer that WB is seriously considering rebooting the Justice League after the infamous 2017 movie. Back in June, The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn was the favorite to direct, but now it seems that Abrams is their top choice. As for the Superman flick they’re offering him, we’re told this isn’t necessarily a Man of Steel 2. Which makes sense given that Henry Cavill is likely done with DC and Supes could be recast before long.

Last but not least, Green Lantern Corps has been stuck in development hell for the longest time, but maybe Abrams being attached could finally bring it back to life. Tom Cruise is thought to be in the running for Hal Jordan with fellow GL John Stewart also expected to feature, possibly in the leading role.

Tell us, though, which of these movies would you most like to see J.J. Abrams helm? Sound off in the comments section down below.