Michael B. Jordan Met With Warner Bros. About Playing Superman


About a year ago, the first reports came out that Henry Cavill was done as Superman, following the failure of Justice League. We’ve had constant, albeit conflicting, updates about that situation ever since, but one trail that’s gone cold is the talk of Michael B. Jordan taking over as his successor. Originally, it looked like Warner Bros. was set to go in a bold new direction with the Man of Steel, but we haven’t had any further info on that for a while.

Until now, that is. Variety has shared a fascinating new report about WB’s plans for the future of the DCEU which confirms that the Black Panther star did meet with the studio about playing Superman. The report also states that these talks are over now and Jordan is unlikely to nab the role. This isn’t due to the actor’s disinterest, though, as Jordan is noted to have outlined his vision for the character. However, despite his passion, he was unable to commit seeing as there’s no director or writer attached to a Superman reboot project and he’s got a lot on his plate as it is.

Variety goes on to claim that WB is not prioritizing getting the Last Son of Krypton back on the big screen right now. Because of this, insiders say that a new Superman movie is highly unlikely to be with us before 2023 at the earliest. Is there a possibility Jordan could be courted again closer to that time? Variety doesn’t specify, but the actor has already cast doubt on him being the next Clark Kent. He has suggested he’d make a good Calvin Ellis/Earth-23’s Superman, though.

Recently, Henry Cavill made clear that he’s not going to let his DC role go without a fight and still considers himself Superman, so clearly the situation is ongoing and there’s a chance the Cavill era of the character is not over yet. But which way do you hope it goes? A reboot with Jordan or further films with Cavill? Have your say in the comments section down below.

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