Owen Wilson Falls Head Over Heels For Imogen Poots In Trailer For She’s Funny That Way


The illustrious Peter Bogdanovich — Paper Moon, What’s Up, Doc? and The Last Picture Show — is returning to the genre of the screwball comedy with this year’s She’s Funny That Way, which also happens to be the director’s first feature film in over a decade.

Originally titled Squirrels to the Nuts (a much more attention-grabbing title, if we do say so ourselves), the romantic roundelay follows Owen Wilson’s Arnold, a married Broadway director who falls head over heels for Imogen Poots’ quirky Izzy, a prostitute-turned-actress, who soon develops feelings for her after giving her an opportunity to reach a new level in her aspiring career.

Joining the pairing for She’s Funny That Way are Horrible Bosses‘ star Jennifer Aniston, who is on board as Izzy’s no-nonsense therapist Jane, not to mention Will Forte and Kathryn Hahn as Jane’s Husband and Arnold’s wife, respectively.

It’s quite the star-studded cast, no doubt, and even if the above trailer doesn’t exactly have us leaping out of our seats in fevered anticipation, it’s worth harbouring a cautious optimism for She’s Funny That Way purely for Bogdanovich’s return behind the lens.

She’s Funny That Way will makes its bow in US cinemas on April 10. For now, you can let us know your early impressions of the ensemble comedy in the comments section below.

Source: Yahoo!

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