Owen Wilson Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

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Now that Paul Thomas Anderson finally has backing for his upcoming feature, Inherent Vice, the cast is starting to come together. Joaquin Phoenix has been locked in for the lead role for a while now and this week, Benicio Del Toro joined him. Today, we have another actor signing on that like Del Toro, has caught us by surprise. Funnyman Owen Wilson, yes, Owen Wilson, has joined the film in an as of yet unknown role.

Based on the Thomas Pynchon novel, the story is set in 1970s Los Angeles and follows an “inept, pot-smoking private detective Doc Sportello (Phoenix) as he investigates the case of a kidnapped girl, who also happens to be one of his ex-girlfriends.”

Like we said, we don’t have specifics on Wilson’s role yet but we do know that it will be a lead. As to which exact character he’ll play though, it’s anyone’s guess.

Just like Del Toro, this is another actor that we never thought would appear in a Paul Thomas Anderson film. That being said, Adam Sandler worked with the director back in 2002’s Punch Drunk Love and the results were pretty good. Perhaps Anderson can get a similar performance out of Wilson, an actor known mostly for light/fluffy comedic roles.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Owen Wilson in Inherent Vice? Let us know in the comments below.