Owen Wilson Reveals Minor Details For Zoolander 2

When Zoolander first hit theaters in 2001, people were less than amused. A comedy about killer male models? Really? But the film quickly reached cult status, and a sequel has been in talks for years, though Paramount has yet to begin production.

Stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are both in, and a script has been written. Wilson revealed a few details of his character, top male model Hansel, in an interview with MTV.

“Hansel, he’s fallen on hard times,” he said. “There’s been a disfiguring injury.”

Hansel without his godlike good looks? What could have happened? All that Wilson would say was, “Think ‘Vanilla Sky.” Uh-oh.

I’m always skeptical about sequels, but I trust Stiller and Wilson to do a good job if the movie ever does get made.

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