Paramount Pictures Will Release David Oyelowo’s Captive


The rise of the award-winning David Oyelowo continues with the news that Paramount Pictures has snapped up the global distribution rights to the Selma star’s latest film, Captive. The story is based on the real events that are told in the book Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero, by Ashley Smith and Stacy Mattingley.

Kate Mara (House Of Cards) plays the lead role of Ashley Smith – a single mother struggling with drug addiction and a battle for custody of her daughter. Smith is thrust into the spotlight, however, when prison escapee Brian Nichols forces his way into her apartment and holds her captive for seven hours. Nichols had been awaiting trial for multiple counts of kidnapping, assault and rape of a former girlfriend, when he overpowered law enforcement officers in the courthouse and shot the judge – Rowland Barnes – and a court reporter named Julie Brandau.

Sergeant Hoyt Teasley was also shot in the escape, in addition to Nichols attempting to kidnap a woman on the street, and being suspected in the shooting of law enforcement agent David G. Wilhelm. While being held captive by Nichols, Smith apparently supplied him with methamphetamine and read sections of a book called The Purpose Driven Life to him, until he granted her the freedom to leave to see her daughter. When Nichols was recaptured at Smith’s apartment, authorities found him to be in possession of agent Wilhelm’s personal effects, along with stolen weapons.

The film adaptation – directed by Jerry Jameson (Safe Harbor) from a script by Brian Bird (The Ultimate Life) – features Michael K. Williams (12 Years A Slave) and Leonor Varela (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) as police detectives Chestnut and Sanchez respectively, while Jessica Oyelowo (Children’s Hospital) and Mimi Rogers (Bosch) appear in supporting roles.

Paramount Pictures will release Captive on September 18th, 2015.