Paramount Plus Orders Fatal Attraction Series With Lizzy Caplan


Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, the erotic psychological thriller was one of the most consistently bankable subgenres in Hollywood, with Fatal Attraction comfortably among the top tier of the memorable boom period.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close won rave reviews for their performances in the box office smash hit and cultural phenomenon, which earned $320 million from theaters on a $14 million budget and saw some of its most iconic dialogue enter the public lexicon.

fatal attraction

It was announced earlier this year that Fatal Attraction was being reimagined as an episodic series, with Dirty John‘s Alexandra Cunningham co-writing the story with Kevin J. Hynes and the series exploring marriage and infidelity through a modern lens. Not only has Paramount Plus handed the show a full season order, but Lizzy Caplan has been revealed as lead Alex Forrest.

As per Deadline, casting is also underway for the male counterpart to replace Douglas as Dan Gallagher, so that news probably isn’t too far away. The only problem with remaking something as memorable as Fatal Attraction as a TV series is that you either lean into the nostalgia too hard and choke on your Memberberries, or you pivot too far away and the name is made largely redundant as a result. Either way, Caplan is great, so it should be worth checking out on that basis alone.