Paramount Reportedly Developing Star Trek Spinoff For Zachary Quinto’s Spock

Star Trek

The Star Trek franchise is doing amazing things on the small screen right now. Fans can’t stop talking about the new Picard series, and the anticipation for another season of Discovery is at an all-time high. But when it comes to the property’s endeavors in cinema, things are less than stellar. The chances of a fourth film with the entire cast returning are not ideal, but there is a possibility that another movie could emerge that centers around Zachary Quinto’s Spock.

Ever since the credits rolled on Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond, fans have wondered when a fourth outing would touch down in theaters. Director S.J. Clarkson was tapped to helm the sci-fi sequel but ended up abandoning ship. Now, Fargo genius Noah Hawley is currently slated to write and direct the next chapter, but his project sounds like a reboot rather than a continuation of the last reinvention. But it seems that Paramount isn’t completely giving up on this current series of films.

According to our sources – the same ones who said Jim Carrey would return as the Mask in Space Jam 2 and that Disney is developing an Aladdin sequel, both of which have since been confirmed – Paramount is reportedly working on a Spock movie for Zachary Quinto. Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura and Spock’s love interest, will also be in the film, and it’ll apparently see the Vulcan go back in time to try and save his mother, who died in the first of the rebooted Star Trek movies.

While it’s still early days for the project and it’s only in the development stage right now, it does seem more likely to happen than a proper Star Trek 4 with the original cast returning. After all, we’ve heard multiple actors associated with the franchise cast doubt on that coming to fruition and things seem very uncertain with the movie right now.

The prospect of a spinoff is certainly exciting though as Quinto has done an excellent job of bringing the character to life and if there’s anyone that can sit in the captain’s chair and guide the Star Trek films back to greatness, it’s without a doubt Spock.