Patty Jenkins In Final Negotiations To Direct Wonder Woman 2


In news that shouldn’t really surprise anyone, Deadline is reporting tonight that director Patty Jenkins is in final negotiations to return for Wonder Woman 2. Sources close to the studio say that they’re confident a “deal will be reached soon” and as expected, it’ll also come with a significant pay raise.

In fact, not only will she be getting a higher salary, but what she earns for the pic will put her on par with what a male director would get for a sequel to a film that performed as well as Wonder Woman did. As such, she’ll now become the highest paid female director in Hollywood. Deadline actually calls her deal “historic,” and while exact numbers weren’t revealed, you can bet that she’s landed one hell of a pay day.

The outlet also reveals that the reason the studio didn’t announce this at Comic-Con was that Jenkins has been negotiating for a higher salary, one that would be on par with what a male director would get. It’s taken a while to reach that point, obviously, but it seems that both parties have now arrived at a deal and we fully expect this to go through very soon.

It’s still too early for plot details and the like, of course, but recent rumors have told us that Warner Bros. has earmarked the Cold War for Diana Prince’s next solo adventure. Should this tidbit prove to be true, it’d be a stark departure from the boots-on-the-ground style of filmmaking seen in Wonder Woman, when Gal Gadot’s Amazonian ventured onto the European front – not to mention slogging it through No Man’s Land – in her quest to defeat Ares, but it would align with previous comments from Warner Bros. brass stating that the sequel would take place in the past. Goodbye trench warfare, hello espionage and Cold War subterfuge? Perhaps.

Once Justice League descends into theaters on November 17th, and DC’s finest roster of heroes lock horns with Steppenwolf, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will then reunite for Wonder Woman 2 in time for December 13th, 2019.

Source: Deadline