Warner Bros. Reportedly Mulling Over Cold War Setting For Wonder Woman 2


From The Great War to the Cold War? Screen Rant has compiled a report claiming the as-yet-untitled Wonder Woman 2 may take place in the late 1980s.

File this one in the rumor cabinet for now, but according to production details unearthed by the outlet, Warner Bros. has earmarked the Cold War for Diana Prince’s next solo adventure, one that will likely remain under lock and key until Justice League descends into theaters in November.

Should this tidbit prove to be true, it’d be a stark departure from the boots-on-the-ground style of filmmaking seen in Wonder Woman, when Gal Gadot’s Amazonian ventured onto the European front – not to mention slogging it through No Man’s Land – in her quest to defeat Ares, but it would align with previous comments from Warner Bros. brass stating that the sequel would take place in the past. Goodbye trench warfare, hello espionage and Cold War subterfuge?

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), the dashing WWI pilot and love interest to Gal Gadot’s Immortal Warrior, is also set for a return – exactly how he’ll return, though, is another question entirely. Chances are Warner will call upon flashback scenes, but at least based on Screen Rant’s findings, Steve Trevor’s tenure in the DC Extended Universe isn’t over just yet.

Either way, negotiations between the studio and writer-director Patty Jenkins are ongoing, though early signs are certainly positive. Other Wonder Woman 2 tidbits include the possible return of Dr. Poison, the Invisible Jet, and those rumblings of another female lead to rival Gal Gadot’s Diana. Halle Berry, anyone?

Wonder Woman launched into theaters early last month to rave reviews, and has since racked up a staggering $745 million at the global box office – $368 million of which was collected on home turf, which makes Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic the most successful entry into the DCEU domestically.