Patty Jenkins Reportedly Wants Batman And Superman In Wonder Woman 3


Patty Jenkins burst onto the scene with her first feature film Monster, which received universal acclaim and saw Charlize Theron sweep the board at virtually every awards ceremony under the sun. Following such an impressive breakthrough, it seemed as though the rookie filmmaker had the world at her feet, but Jenkins didn’t direct another movie for fourteen years until Wonder Woman came along.

The DCEU blockbuster is the highest-grossing live-action pic ever helmed solely by a woman, and before the Coronavirus pandemic arrived, the sequel was expected to perform even better and had a real chance at crossing the billion dollar mark. Wonder Woman 1984 instead debuts on HBO Max and the big screen on Christmas Day, before the filmmaker immediately moves onto Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

However, that movie isn’t set for release until December 2023, meaning that Gal Gadot’s third solo outing as Diana Prince is a long way away yet. Jenkins has already hinted that she knows exactly what the plot of Wonder Woman 3 is going to be, though, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that she wants Batman and Superman along for the ride.

Given the muddled nature of the DCEU timeline, it isn’t clear which Dark Knight and Big Blue Boy Scout she has in mind, but Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill would be the most obvious candidates. Wonder Woman 3 is also reportedly going to be Jenkins’ last one, but all we know so far is that it’ll be the first to be set in the present day.

Based on what’s happened to the franchise in 2020, the DCEU may look markedly different once again in a couple of years from now, but if Jenkins sticks to her guns and wants to rope in the big hitters for Wonder Woman 3, it could mark a fittingly spectacular end to her trilogy.