Paul Bettany Was A Fan Of [SPOILERS] Death In Avengers: Infinity War


Now that the, ahem, dust is starting to settle from Avengers: Infinity War, it’s fair to say that Marvel’s historic, epic and ballsy crossover ended on a rather depressing note.

Having successfully obtained all six Infinity Stones, Josh Brolin’s Thanos was finally able to carry out the universal genocide he’d been talking about the entire film. And so, with one snap of his giant, purple fingers, the Mad Titan wiped out half of all life in the cosmos, leaving only a skeleton crew of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes left to finish the fight in Avengers 4.

And while most fans were understandably in tears by that point, one of Infinity War‘s stars happened to like how Marvel killed him off. Speaking to GQ recently, Paul Bettany was asked about the various death scenes he’s been involved in this year (we won’t spoil them here, but the actor’s seen a few of his other characters meet their end, too). In particular, the outlet quizzed him on which was his favorite, and here’s what he said:

“I think that being murdered by the love of your life [Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen] because you’re asking them to is pretty moving stuff that they wrote for us.”

We’ve gotta agree with him there, as it was certainly a very moving, emotional moment in the film. However, we might not have seen the last of Vision. If you’ll recall, Bettany bragged to ABC News a few weeks back that the android may return for Avengers 4.

“I happen to know what’s going to happen to Vision, and … what I can tell fans is that, ‘Snitches end up with stitches in ditches.’ And I, I’ve done very well keeping my mouth shut for the last 10 years, and I’m going to continue to keep my mouth shut.”

The fact that he says he knows what happens to his character suggests that, well, something does happen to him. At present, Vision’s story appears to be over as he’s been murdered by Thanos. Clearly, though, there’s more to come from him, or else the actor wouldn’t have anything to spill, right?

But we digress. No matter whether you found the android’s death the most moving or someone else’s, you can rest assured that a lot of these characters will be back for Avengers 4. The events of Infinity War are expected to be reversed thanks to some time travel, meaning it won’t be long before we get to see Bettany and the rest of the gang again.

Source: GQ