Paul Bettany Hints That Vision Will Return In Avengers 4


You might think Marvel fans have got a tough year ahead of them, as we wait a whole 12 months for Avengers 4 to resolve the killer cliffhanger of Infinity War, but let’s think about the difficult time the cast of the MCU face, as well. How many times are they going to be prodded by the press for details on the movie over the next year? That’s got to get annoying, right?

At least one star of the franchise is prepared for this, though. Paul Bettany, who’s been around for the whole length of the MCU as first JARVIS and then Vision, bragged to ABC News that he knows exactly how things go down in Avengers 4…but he’s not going to tell anyone, as he knows when to stay silent.

“I happen to know what’s going to happen to Vision, and … what I can tell fans is that, ‘Snitches end up with stitches in ditches.’ And I, I’ve done very well keeping my mouth shut for the last 10 years, and I’m going to continue to keep my mouth shut.”

Bettany is clearly better at keeping his mouth shut than some of his other co-stars. Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, apparently never gets full scripts for Marvel movies because he’s a leaky tap for spoilers. Pepper Potts actress Gwyneth Paltrow – who, like Bettany, has also been part of the MCU since the very beginning – isn’t much better, either, as she let an Avengers 4 surprise slip out recently when she revealed that her character is going to have a kid with Tony.

The absolute worst, though, has to be Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner). It turns out that he blew the shock ending of Avengers: Infinity War in an on-air interview last year! Seriously, we’re not kidding.

That said, we might be able to infer at least one thing from Bettany’s coy statement. The fact that he says he knows what happens to his character suggests that, well, something does happen to him. At present, Vision’s story appears to be over as he’s been murdered by Thanos. Clearly, though, there’s more to come from the android in Avengers 4, or else Bettany wouldn’t have anything to spill, right?

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