Paul Feig Levels On Ghostbusters Villain; New Featurette Spotlights Chris Hemsworth’s Goofy Receptionist


Chris Hemsworth’s goofy, larger-than-life receptionist Kevin takes center stage in a new featurette for Sony and Paul Feig’s overhauled Ghostbusters, while the director has also shared new details relating to the movie’s big bad.

That would be Rowan, the powerful demon that has long been an iconic villain for the Ghostbusters franchise. For Feig’s all-female reboot, Saturday Night Live veteran Neil Casey will take point to terrorize the denizens of New York City, forcing Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon out of the lab and into action.

While toy tie-ins leaked the identity of the film’s chief antagonist earlier than planned, the director did outline Rowan’s character traits during an interview with Empire. “Rowan is the ultimate loner,” Feig told the outlet. “A regular New Yorker whose goal is to bring some things back to this world. He wants to trap ghosts, but for a different purpose…”

Ensnaring a hoard of supernatural nasties can only portend all kinds of headaches for our crew of Ghostbusters; but thankfully, they have an Australian ace in the hold in the form of Hemsworth’s loyal assistant. Described as “a Ken doll with the insides removed,” Marvel’s God of Thunder will be gunning for an understated, comedic turn in Feig’s reboot and from the footage included in today’s all-new featurette, it’s a performance that plays off the film’s fantastic four relatively well. Here’s hoping that holds up over the course of the entire feature.

Bringing together McCarthy, Wiig, Jones, McKinnon and an overeager Hemsworth, look for Ghostbusters to resurrect a dormant classic when Paul Feig’s blockbuster looms over theaters on July 15.