Paul Giamatti And Maya Rudolph Join Turbo

Paul Giamatti and Maya Rudolph are among the full lineup of actors joining the major voice cast of the upcoming Dreamworks Animation film Turbo. While Ryan Reynolds was previously confirmed as voicing the title garden snail who dreams of being a racing champion, the full cast will also include Snoop Dogg, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Jenkins.

/Film is reporting that The Wrestler scribe Robert Siegel will serve as a co-writer on Turbo, alongside Shrek Forever After‘s Darren Lemke. Dreamworks Animation story artist David Soren, who wrote the basic story, will helm the film.

Turbo follows Reynolds’ title character as he strives to be like his hero, the five-time Indianapolis 500 champion, Guy Gane. Obessed with speed, Turbo has become an oddity and outsider in his community, and is an embarrassment to his older brother, Chet. As Turbo wishes to escape his slow-paced life, he gets the chance to become faster after a freak accident. Turbo then tries to achieve the impossible, racing against the best the IndyCar has to offer.

Turbo seems like it will have massive appeal and may even give PIXAR a run for their money. The cast is solid and Dreamworks Animation has put out some good titles in the past.

What do you think? Can Turbo take on the current king of animation?