‘Peacemaker’ star shares hilarious reaction to ‘The Adam Project’

The Adam Project
Photo via Netflix

As well as being a hugely popular and incredibly successful actor and producer, it’s well-known that Ryan Reynolds also runs a business empire on the side. The award-winning marketing executive owns a gin brand, a mobile service, a soccer team, an ad agency, and much more, so you can always expect product placement to feature in his movies.

Aviation Gin has become a recurring feature of Reynolds’ filmography, often hiding in the background as a sneaky Easter Egg as opposed to a full-blown shill in the middle of a film, but the popular line of booze has additionally been spotted in projects that he’s had nothing to do with.

Recently, Reynolds reacted to a bottle of Aviation being spotted in James Gunn’s acclaimed HBO Max series Peacemaker, which the writer and director was completely unaware of until after the episode in question had already aired.

Steve Agee has now gotten in on the act, with the DCEU’s John Economos expressing his shock that the gin guy dabbled in acting, as you can see below.

The Adam Project is currently riding a huge wave of buzz, with the heartwarming time travel adventure ranking as one of the top trending topics on Twitter ever since hitting Netflix on Friday, so it’s not a surprise to find the love-in between Reynolds and the James Gunn inner circle continuing.

Like Agee says, the gin guy is really going places as his slate continues to fill up with a barrage of new projects on either side of the camera, in among his myriad of business ventures.

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