Is This Who Pedro Pascal’s Playing In Wonder Woman 1984?


Even though Wonder Woman 1984 won’t arrive in theaters until November 2019, Warner Bros. is being surprisingly forthcoming about certain details of the movie, as we’ve already got a few official promo images as well as confirmation that Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor, who’s apparently managed to survive his death at the end of the first film.

There’s a lot else that we don’t know about the sequel, though. For instance, we’ve been told Pedro Pascal’s playing an important role, but his character hasn’t been revealed as yet, unlike Kristen Wiig’s turn as Barbara Minerva AKA Cheetah. CinemaBlend’s analyzed the clues we currently have, however, and devised a very convincing theory about who Pascal could be portraying. In short, they suggest he might be the mind-controlling, millionaire supervillain Maxwell Lord.

Last month, director Patty Jenkin shared our first look at Pascal in character, showing that he appears every bit the part of a wealthy 80s businessman. This would fit with the profession of Lord in the comics. Her caption is also intriguing, as it read: “Can’t… Stop… Watching.” A compliment about Pascal’s screen presence, or a nod that he’ll be playing someone with mind-control powers?

What’s more, the photo of Pascal’s framed from an old-timey 80s TV screen. In the comics, Lord’s often seen watching a bank of TV screens as he’s obsessed with keeping an eye on the Justice League in his bid to bring them down.

As for why Lord would be a good fit for Wondy’s latest nemesis, well, the villain’s responsible for one of Diana Prince’s most infamous moments on the page. When Lord had Superman under his control, she was forced to break his neck to stop him. As CB points out, there’s little chance WB would repeat the graphic ending of Man of Steel, but it’s clear that Lord could challenge Diana in ways that we haven’t seen before.

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