The Internet’s Calling Out Ghosbusters: Afterlife As A Stranger Things Rip-Off


Nobody can ever be happy, can they? Nothing is good enough for the internet mobs, the tired and unwashed masses wasting away on Twitter daily. They’re always mad about something, and Ghosbusters: Afterlife is currently that something. I mean, we all knew people were going to be pissed about this film’s mere existence. But now, ever since the trailer dropped this morning, we’re seeing a complaint that I’d not anticipated: apparently, this new Ghostbusters flick is a Stranger Things rip-off.

Yes, Twitter is blowing up with that odd take. Most people offer no back-up though aside from shallow, almost infantile comparisons and if you think I’m making this stuff up, just look at some of the tweets below:

Some of these takes are literal hot garbage and I personally did not get any sort of Stranger Things vibes from that debut teaser. Granted, I didn’t get many vibes at all, as Ghostbusters 2016, as well as Sony’s cash-grabbing abilities as a whole, tend to make me inherently weary of their cinematic output.

I want to know why these people think that it’s a ripoff, though. I feel like a lot of these reactions come from Finn Wolfhard’s appearance, which is just dumb. He’s a white-hot young actor right now and as such, he’s a shoo-in for a Teen Ghostbuster. Just because a project shares a star doesn’t mean they’re similar at all.

Also, calling Paul Rudd Hopper? Really? How? Because he’s…old? A mentor and maybe father figure? I highly doubt it, nerds. These comparisons are just so shallow and baseless and many come from tiny little accounts with few-to-no likes or retweets. I’m glad that overall, at least, people seem to be either leaving the trailer alone or just acknowledging its existence. I don’t exactly think the movie is going to reinvent the wheel or capture half the energy we saw with the original, but Ghostbusters: Afterlife certainly won’t be a Stranger Things ripoff, that’s for sure.