Pet Sematary May End Up Receiving A Prequel Instead Of A Sequel


Following the massive box office success of IT, one could say that it made much sense for Hollywood to reignite its interest in the work of Stephen King. Chief among the various projects set to come out is that of the Pet Sematary remake. Originally adapted for the silver screen in 1989, it’s now being revisited by modern filmmakers and audiences. Fortunately, the 2019 remake is already being met with critical acclaim, so that’ll certainly help its cause.

Naturally, when talk of success surrounds any flick, sequel chatter begins to take form. If you’ll recall, the 1989 endeavor did get a followup of its own in the form of 1992’s Pet Sematary Two, though it’s looking as if the updated version may be expanded upon in a different respect if indeed it rakes in enough dough.

While speaking with Consequence of Sound, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura hinted at where the new franchise could go next, saying:

“I generally don’t start thinking about [sequels] until they’re a success. I think if there’s anything here, there’s a prequel. I think if you look at the book, we didn’t cover all that stuff that happens before the Creed family moves in.”

If anything, that would allow for the new (potential) film series to differentiate itself from the old one. Plus, it’d give King fans who love both movies and books the chance to sink their teeth into something else quite intriguing.

Here’s what di Bonaventura had to add:

“So, I think there’s a movie there, and I think I’d be particularly interested in doing that because, again, it’s the source material and you are going toward something that also has a lot of crazy, creepy feelings about it.”

Pet Sematary opens in theaters on April 5th, but we advise that you keep watching this space beyond opening weekend just in case any major developments come to light. You never know, as some studios don’t wait very long before announcing sequels – or prequels – once the money comes pouring in.