James Gunn Says Peter Capaldi Will Have A Big Role In The Suicide Squad


Hey, remember when Peter Capaldi was Doctor Who? Well, it turns out the ex-time traveller has not only been confirmed for James Gunn’s next installment of the Suicide Squad franchise – officially titled The Suicide Squad (where do they get their ideas from?) – but there are also exciting plans for Capaldi’s character, with Gunn confirming that he’ll be given a “big role.”

At this point, we have no idea what’s in store for the twelfth Doctor or what Gunn has in mind. All we know is that it’s a rather intriguing reveal for both Doctor Who and Suicide Squad fans. We also know that the film is not going to be a sequel, despite it sharing cast and characters (Margot Robbie, for example) with the original. And while Task Force X’s first big screen outing was received with a rather mixed reception, come on…Peter Capaldi’s name alone should invite some excitement here.

Plus, with James Gunn attached to write and direct – what with him being responsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy films (with a third one on the way soon) – it could be a rather welcome departure from David Ayer’s original. Gunn’s own brother, Sean Gunn, has already spoken about the script, too, and seems pretty excited about how the project will turn out.

What we’re basically saying is that there’s definitely enough going on with The Suicide Squad for it to make us prick up our ears. As we said, nobody really knows what role Capaldi will play (other than a significant one), but we’ll absolutely keep you posted as soon as we learn more. And with the movie now in production and things moving along smoothly, we should get some further updates over the coming months, so stay tuned.