First Look At Peter Capaldi On The Suicide Squad Set Revealed

Doctor-Who-Peter-Capaldi (1)

The Suicide Squad‘s ensemble cast is arguably one of the most impressive in the whole DCEU as yet. As well as bringing back a number of the stars of the 2016 original, including Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Joel Kinnaman, writer/director James Gunn has brought a few pals with him from the MCU – including Michael Rooker, David Dastmalchian and Taika Waititi. Then there’s big names like Idris Elba and John Cena.

And let’s not forget former Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi. While the exact role the Scottish actor is playing in his first superhero movie is still wrapped in mystery, we now have our first look at him on set in Atlanta, Georgia. Co-star Mayling Ng shared a snap of herself posing with Capaldi on her Instagram page. Neither of them are in costume, but Capaldi’s crew cut reminds us that he had his head shaved specifically for his TSS character.

Capaldi’s bald head has inspired a lot of theories that he could be playing famous bald-headed DC villain Mr. Freeze. However, the other characters rumored to be involved in the sequel suggest that Gunn isn’t going for such obvious icons and is making use of more obscure names from the comics. The latest report, for instance, says that Elba is playing Vigilante, while Sean Gunn is Weasel, Flula Borg is Javelin, Pete Davidson is Blackguard, Nathan Fillion is Arm-Fall-Off Boy and Ng is Mongal, daughter of Mongul.

One idea going around is that Capaldi could be playing Psimon, the Teen Titans foe. After all, he’s revealed that prosthetics will be involved in his transformation for his role in The Suicide Squad, which is why his head had to be shaved. This possibly points to Psimon, given the villain’s exposed cranium. In any case though, hopefully now that he’s started filming, we’ll get some more hints soon.