Peter Jackson Releases First Production Diary From The Hobbit

Production diaries aren’t a big deal these days since most filmmakers release them. Still, there always nice to see, especially when it’s for a film you’re really looking forward to. Today, Peter Jackson released the first of what will probably be quite a few production diaries for his upcoming film The Hobbit.

Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, Jackson gives us a tour of the set and we get a short but interesting behind the scenes look. A lot of the stuff in the video is blurred and some of the sets are the same as we saw in Lord Of The Rings but still, there’s a bit of new stuff here and overall, it’s just nice to see that this film is finally getting underway, after all the troubles it faced.

I have no doubt that the film will carry the same epic feel that the Lord Of The Rings did and in Jackson’s skilled hands, I can’t see this one being bad. A lot of the same cast and crew are returning as well so if you were a fan of what Jackson did in Lord Of The Rings, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be happy with the end result here.