Petition Calls For Halloween Kills’ Iron Maiden To Return In The Sequel

Halloween Kills

If you’ve seen Halloween Kills, it’s hard to talk about the film without asking the other person if they ‘saw it, too’. While most would assume that a monumentally gory kill was being discussed, you’d be wrong in this instance.

It was more intense than a kill, more scene-stealing than a bloody disaster. The moment that fans can’t stop talking about is the scene where we see our strong and dedicated Haddonfield residents on their way to kill Myers.

One resident, in particular, stands out above the rest. She’s feisty, she’s had enough of Myers’ shenanigans, and she plans to attack him with a shiny yellow iron. Fans fell in love with her character, and she earned a quick following as everyone became aware of the woman who brought an iron to a knife fight.

Our iron-wielding new favorite character is even at the heart of a petition to have her continue in the franchise.

The petition starts by giving background on Belisa Lea’s role in the film and her growing fan base.

Since the release of Halloween Kills on Friday, October 15th, Belisa Lea and her part as an extra in Halloween Kills as the lady that brought an iron to join the mob fight against Michael Myers has garnered the attention of over 4,000 fans. Her fan base continues to grow daily at a rapid pace and we as her fans would love to see Belisa Lea reprise her role that she had as an extra in Halloween Kills in the final movie of the Halloween trilogy, Halloween Ends. 

The statement on the campaign page continues:

Belisa Lea is extremely passionate about acting and cares about each and every role she has taken apart in throughout her career as an actress and we feel that she is not only well deserving of reprising this role in Halloween Ends but would be a great addition to the cast of Halloween Ends. 

The petition says that Lea cares about each of her roles and that she’s deserving of reprising her role in Halloween Ends or even having a larger part.

There’s even a Facebook group for Lea titled, “That one lady that brought an iron to fight Michael Myers.”

Have you watched Halloween Kills? Did you immediately vow to protect the lady who brought an iron to fight Michael Myers? Let’s talk about it.