Peyton Reed “Would Love” To Make Ant-Man 2


Though it isn’t currently on Marvel’s release calendar, a sequel to this year’s Ant-Man is certainly in the cards, assuming the first film does well. Marvel isn’t really in the business of making standalone movies (in fact, of the core Avengers, only the Hulk is waiting for his sequel greenlight), so as long as the bite-sized hero fares well at the box office and is met with enough praise (reactions from fans and even James Gunn have been extremely positive), more adventures for the tiniest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are inevitable.

One person hoping for another film is Ant-Man director Peyton Reed. In a new interview with Variety, Reed expressed his desire to return for future installments should they get the go-ahead from Marvel Studios:

“If we’re fortunate enough to do another Ant-Man movie, I would love to do it.”


While some directors have returned for follow-up installments (Jon Favreau, Joss Whedon, the Russo Brothers, and James Gunn), others have parted ways with the studio once the curtain closed on their project. Reed’s willingness to come back is a very good sign, considering that some – like Thor: The Dark World helmer Alan Taylor – couldn’t wait to jump ship.

Should Ant-Man 2 happen, Evangeline Lilly is eager to come back as well. She revealed that she’s signed a three-picture deal with the studio and that she hopes that Marvel utilizes her for two more installments. Could that mean that we’ll eventually see her suit up as Wasp? Time will tell…

Of course, all of this remains up in the air until Ant-Man hits theaters later this month, on July 17th, 2015. As always though, we’ll keep you updated on any sequel news once the movie is released.