Phoebe Waller-Bridge Shares Her Favorite Moment From Solo: A Star Wars Story


There are many, many stand-out moments from Solo: A Star Wars Story – be it the scene in which the young, wet-behind-his-ears Han Solo clocks eyes on the Millennium Falcon for the very first time or the high-stakes Conveyex heist.

But when that same question was posed to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the L3-37 actress had just answer: the moment when the Falcon makes the jump to hyperspace for the very first time, as the lights blur and everyone’s favorite Corellian freighter zips through the fabric of space.

And considering she was the one to pull the lever – albeit while wearing a motion-capture suit to bring L3 to life – journeying through hyperspace is something the Solo actress won’t forget in a hurry.

Going into hyperspace was probably the coolest moment. You know you’re an adult, you know it’s not real, but you press this lever and then the stars came and we both just went AHHHHHH. For a second, a second, I really believed I was going into hyperspace.

Being a part of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Lucasfilm’s wider film universe clearly left a lasting impression on Phoebe Waller-Bridge, after she recently admitted that she wouldn’t think twice about returning to that galaxy far, far away.

It’ll be some time yet before the stars align, though, as Solo is unlikely to receive the green-light for a sequel due to an underwhelming box office return. Just under $400 million worldwide is by no means a disaster, but it is a significant dip from Rogue One‘s billion-dollar haul, ultimately leading to the moment when Lucasfilm placed all future standalone Star Wars movies on hold.

Per Disney, it’s part of an upcoming slowdown, as the company will take more caution when pumping out new Star Wars films once Episode IX reaches theaters next Christmas.

Source: Cinema Blend