Hugh Jackman Passes The Wolverine Suit To Taron Egerton In Awesome Art


Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to the X-Men, fans fully expect a new version of Wolverine to arrive in the MCU within the next few years. Obviously, Hugh Jackman’s told us repeatedly that he’s done with the iconic character he played for 17 years, so Marvel will likely need to find someone to replace him. Whoever they are, fingers crossed that this time the studio will outfit them with Logan’s classic costume from the comics.

Assuming this does happen, then, here’s the kind of publicity photo we might get when the new Wolverine is found. BossLogic has imagined that Marvel will appoint Kingsman star Taron Egerton in the role and has whipped up what it might look like if Jackman presented Egerton with the fan favorite suit. The original photo, if you’re wondering, comes from the promotional tour for the pair’s 2016 film, Eddie the Eagle. 

See for yourself below:

Egerton has become a popular choice for the next Wolverine of late, with the star even commenting on the rumors and teasing that he’d love to join the MCU. We Got This Covered’s own intel also says that he’s one name on Marvel’s shortlist of actors they’re eyeing at this early stage to potentially play the part.

As you can see in the comments of BL’s original Instagram post via the link below, many fans approve of his possible casting. But everyone’s got their own opinion, and others feel the likes of Scott Eastwood or Keanu Reeves might be more appropriate. Some are even suggesting that Egerton would be better at playing the Human Torch, as part of the rebooted Fantastic Four, instead.

We haven’t yet got confirmation Marvel’s working on a new Wolverine, but the X-Men are certainly coming to the MCU. In fact, Kevin Feige included a mention of “the mutants” in his tease for what’s arriving in Phase 5 at last weekend’s Comic-Con panel. Which means that fans have got a while longer to debate over who the best person to take over from Hugh Jackman is.