Marvel Eyeing Kingsman Star To Play The MCU’s Wolverine


In the not-so-distant future, Marvel will reboot the X-Men within the MCU. And you know what that means, someone’s going to have the tall order of taking over the role of Wolverine, following Hugh Jackman’s legendary 17-year stint as Logan in the Fox universe. So far, fans have touted a wide range of actors to replace him – including Keanu ReevesTom Hardy and Scott Eastwood – but here at We Got This Covered we’ve heard that a different star could nab the part.

Our source tells us that Taron Egerton is being eyed by Marvel Studios to play their version of Wolverine. Interestingly, Marvel’s apparently keeping their fingers crossed that Jackman can be tempted back, but failing that, they have plans to recast the role and go much younger this time. And one of those on their wishlist is the 29-year-old Kingsman star. To clarify though, there are a handful of other actors Marvel’s thinking of right now as well, so he’s not necessarily the favorite.

We recently brought you the news that Egerton is also being eyed by WB to play the Green Arrow in the DCEU but again, he’s just one of several names the studio is considering, and it speaks to the Rocketman lead’s popularity at the moment that both Marvel and DC are keeping a watch on him for a major role in their franchises. It’s important to note, though, that it’s highly unlikely he’d end up nabbing both parts, if he even lands either of them at all.

All that being said, we think Egerton would be a great fit for the X-Men leader. Marvel needs a younger actor to continue on as Logan for many years to come and, at 1.75m in height, the British actor is much closer to the comic book hero’s short stature than Hugh Jackman. Based on his roles so far, it’s difficult to say whether he’d be able to nail the savagery of the Wolverine, but he’s an incredibly talented individual who could no doubt do something interesting with the role.