Kingsman Star Taron Egerton Being Eyed To Play Green Arrow In The DCEU


Green Arrow‘s been a major presence on our TV screens since Arrow arrived on The CW in 2012, but the hero has yet to make his debut in theaters in the DCEU. In the absence of any news, fans have been theorizing about who should play Oliver Queen in the franchise for years and now, thanks to one of our sources, We Got This Covered has dug up a bit of intel on who WB’s eyeing.

We reported yesterday that Charlie Hunnam is in consideration for the part, but were told that he wasn’t the only one. Now, we’re hearing that Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton is on the studio’s wishlist to play the Green Arrow as well. It’s no surprise that WB is interested in getting the British actor on board, either, as his star has been on the rise for a while, recently impressing critics with his turn as Elton John in this summer’s Rocketman.

If the idea of Egerton playing an emerald-clad archer seems strangely familiar, that might be because you saw him in 2018’s Robin Hood. Or more likely heard that he was in it, as the film was an enormous flop. Seeing as Oliver Queen is such a conceptually similar role to the folklore hero, it’s difficult to say if Egerton would actually be interested in playing the part if offered or whether the filmmakers would ultimately choose him for the role in place of perhaps a more left-field choice.

But who’s to say at this stage? To re-iterate, our source explains that the casting process hasn’t officially begun yet, it’s just that Egerton’s name is on their list of possible Star City saviors.

For the time being, don’t expect Green Arrow in the DCEU in the near future, as there are no projects on the horizon that we’ve heard he’s connected to. That being said, Jurnee Smollett-Bell’s Black Canary might be getting her own movie following Birds of Prey, so perhaps that could be a good home for him?