The Amazing Spider-Man Photos

More photos from the set of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man have arrived to heighten the excitement of moviegoers around the world.  Andrew Garfield is starring as Peter Parker in lieu of the now familiar Tobey Maguire, while Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy and Martin Sheen plays Uncle Ben.

Also joining the cast is Rhys Ifans as a nemesis of Spider-Man, The Lizard (Dr. Connors). The photos cover three scenes filmed at Peter Parker’s house on Fuller Place and Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn.  One of the scenes featured Uncle Ben and Peter Parker, another Peter and Gwen Stacy, and the third a conversation between Peter and Dr. Connors.

The disappearance of Mary Jane’s character as Peter’s love interest from the film demonstrates that The Amazing Spider-Man is doing more with the story of Peter Parker. Webb is clearly making sure he does more than just adjusting a new cast to roles that have, until now, been filled by other actors in the popular trilogy of Spider-Man movies.

Andrew Garfield as the troubled Parker seems like an odd choice, though it will be interesting to see what he brings to Spider-Man in terms of brainiac-meets-superhero. I have no doubt that The Amazing Spider-Man will be a decidedly different take on Spider-Man and although nothing is set in stone yet, I am sure that this chronicle of Spider-Man will override the fiasco that was Spider-Man 3.