Adam Driver Becomes A Full-On Knight In The Last Duel Set Photos


Adam Driver, famed for performances in Star Wars and Marriage Story, has a role in upcoming Ridley Scott feature The Last Duel. The film will dramatize the last legally recognized duel fought in France, a trial by combat which took place in 1386. Driver will play one of the dueling knights.

Fancy a look at him in knight gear? Of course you do. And thankfully, we’ve got a new look at an actual Knight of Ren down below. Finally got to use that line. Yes! Rise of Skywalker may have dropped the ball, but this offers some kind of consolation, right?

The Last Duel will have a limited release this Christmas, before expanding to a full theatrical run on January 8th of next year. I’ve not been the biggest fan of Ridley Scott’s recent work – The Martian was absurdly overrated – but the prospect of him returning to historical drama has piqued my interest, as has the prospect of Adam Driver and Matt Damon facing off in medieval France (I’m only now noticing Damon in the background of those photos. D’oh).

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Source: Twitter