See New Pics And Chilling Clip From JFK Assassination Drama Parkland


One upcoming awards-bait picture We Got This Covered has been bringing you extensive coverage of is Parkland, a star-studded drama about the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination.

The film, set largely at the Parkland hospital where the President was rushed after the fatal shot, features a pretty incredible line-up of stars, led by Zac Efron (of High School Musical and The Paperboy fame) as the young Dr. Charles Carrico, who is suddenly confronted with the grievously wounded John F. Kennedy and, in the below clip, doesn’t take it too well.

Though brief, this scene from the film is incredibly tense, focusing on Efron’s horrified reaction to Kennedy’s prone body and the chaos throughout the hospital. Mark Duplass shows up as a secret service agent, and Marcia Gay Harden also appears as Head Nurse Doris Nelson. If this clip is an indicator of the amount of suspense director Peter Landesman will be able to wring out of Parkland‘s gritty screenplay and talented cast, we’re in for a potent white-knuckler of a drama.

Check it out below:

Parkland features a remarkable supporting cast of acclaimed actors, including Paul Giamatti as the unwitting creator of the now-infamous Zapruder film, Billy Bob Thornton as a furious secret service agent, James Badge Dale as the gunman’s stunned younger brother, Jacki Weaver as his distraught mother and Colin Hanks as a Parkland doctor.

By keeping the scale of the film small and focusing on players not typically highlighted in the media surrounding the assassination, it appears that Landesman has succeeded in casting a new light on a dark and well-known chapter in American history. Though we’ll have to wait until the film hits theaters to know for sure, there’s every indication that Parkland will be a total cinematic knock-out. Our very own Matt Joseph had very kind things to say about it in his review.

A host of new pictures from the movie have also recently surfaced on the web, showcasing the film’s awe-inspiring cast, and you can check them all out right here. Viewer discretion is advised, as some pictures do contain graphic content that may be disturbing to younger viewers:

Are you excited to see a new take on the Kennedy assassination, without any of the Oliver Stone conspiracy nonsense that plagued his JFK, a film smaller in scale with something new to say? I know I am – let me know your thoughts on Parkland in the comments section.

Parkland opens in theaters on October 4th.