Pierce Brosnan Will Make You Feel The Urge


Pierce Brosnan is back! He never strictly went away, but it still feels like it’s been an age since we’ve seen him onscreen. On the heels of his recent thriller, The November Man, he’ll return to ethically-questionable material as he’s set to play a drug creator in Urge.

Aaron Kaufman, who produced Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and Machete Kills, is on board to make his directorial debut based on the script he co-penned with Jerry Stahl and Jason Zumwalt.

Taking place in the middle of nowhere, Urge follows a group of friends on vacation who decide that quad biking, bungee jumping and sex with strangers doesn’t constitute fun. They decide to take a new drug, created by Brosnan’s character, that alters a person’s way of thinking. Yes, most drugs do that. This one removes people’s ability to control their urges. Again, most drugs do that. But we can only hope that this one has an element of permanence.

Brosnan always makes a convincing baddie – and if he’s playing a drug creator, it’s likely that’ll be the case for Urge. We’re definitely looking forward to it, and we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.

Source: Deadline