Pierce Brosnan Wants Idris Elba Or Tom Hardy As The Next James Bond

Tom Hardy

We’ve still got one more movie to go with Daniel Craig as 007, but the speculation over who is going to replace him as the next James Bond is inescapable. And that goes double for those who’ve already played the iconic super-spy. Pierce Brosnan, for instance, has just been asked for his personal picks for who should pick up Craig’s Walther-PPK, and he’s gone for a couple of names that a lot of fans would agree with him on.

While speaking with PEOPLE to promote his new Hulu movie False Positive, Brosnan offered up two popular choices when coaxed for who he wants as the next Bond: Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. Making clear that this is just his opinion as a fan, not someone with any insider knowledge, Brosnan explained why he thinks both actors could do the part justice:

“Idris Elba comes to mind. Idris is such a powerful presence and such a great former voice tensity. He would be magnificent. There’s Tom Hardy out there as well. Tom can really chew the furniture up, just be a ball boy – both men can. And I think now that Daniel has left such an indelible footprint, they can go in many different ways. But your guess is as good as mine, who’s going to be the next Bond.”

This isn’t the first time Brosnan has pitched Hardy as a good replacement for Craig. Likewise, the Irish star has previously made clear that he’s open to Bond’s ethnicity and/or gender changing in the future, revealing he thinks it could be time for a female 007. Neither of Brosnan’s picks are left-field ideas, seeing as both Elba and Hardy have been circulating the role for years now. Even so, it’s unclear if either of them have actually engaged in any talks with producers.

Another name that’s often thrown into the ring is Henry Cavill, who famously auditioned back in the day but lost out to Craig. Someone else who’s risen up to the odds-on rankings lately is Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page. To be honest, Page’s level of fame is closer to that of the previous actors who were cast as Bond, but who knows, it’s possible producers want someone worldwide famous – like Hardy, Elba or Cavill – to begin with this time around.

It’ll probably be a long time before we find out who’ll be 007 No. 7, though. First, James Bond will return in No Time To Die, finally hitting theaters on October 8th in the US.