Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Producer Breaks The Silence On Johnny Depp’s Involvement

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney’s plans to bring us a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie are a bit unclear, to say the least. From what we understand, the Mouse House is planning to reboot the franchise with a sixth film starring a female lead, but there’ve also been reports that say this project might actually be a spinoff, developed alongside Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Either way, the involvement of Johnny Depp’s beloved Jack Sparrow in whatever form the series takes next is just as hazy. Initially, there was talk of him being sidelined and not being allowed to return, due to the messy legal battle he’s currently in with Amber Heard. But as more and more has come out, and Depp has begun to clear his name and rub off many of the false accusations thrown his way by his ex, public opinion has started to turn and now, fans are campaigning for Disney to take him back.

As of yet, the studio hasn’t released an official statement on whether or not they’ll be working with him again, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently broke the silence on the matter and while he refused to confirm or deny anything, he did leave the door open for a return from Captain Jack.

“The one we’re developing right now, we’re not sure quite what Johnny’s role is going to be,” Bruckheimer said. “So, we’re going to have to see.”

This comment comes from a recent interview with Collider and as the outlet points out, it certainly seems like there’s a good chance that Depp will show up, as the producer isn’t flat out denying it. In fact, We Got This Covered has heard that he might have a small cameo in the film, with the aforementioned female pirate taking the lead this time instead.

But again, there’s been nothing official said about the actor’s involvement and clearly, Bruckheimer is playing coy. In all likelihood, a final decision hasn’t been made and with production on Pirates of the Caribbean 6 only just beginning to gear up now, it may be a while yet before Disney decides what to do.