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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star open to returning in either a sequel or Margot Robbie’s spinoff

Fans would probably be much happier if neither ended up happening.

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Based on the overwhelming sense of apathy to have greeted Jerry Bruckheimer’s reveal that Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff is currently being written, there’s a huge number of fans out there who aren’t particularly interested in seeing the franchise continue.

Unfortunately, they’re going to have to get used to the idea, because it’s one of two scripts currently being written that will see the series attempt to maintain relevant in the post-Johnny Depp era. That’s a huge gamble, of which there can be no doubt, but one Pirates alumni is open to appearing in either.

Brenton Thwaites played Henry Turner in Dead Men Tell No Tales, which holds the distinction of being the worst-reviewed entry in the five-film saga to date. Undeterred, though, he revealed to The Cosmic Circus that he’d be open to a return if the opportunity came along.

“Oh, that’ll be interesting…that’ll be interesting. Yeah, I think he could play! I think there’s a way to fit him in there if it’s the right time period, right? If they… you know if they’re 100 years before or after, certainly not. But if it’s the right thing, and they want me in there, I’ll be there.

My dream cast for a number six would be the same cast as number five. But you know it’s a cool property, and that world has so much excitement to it. I think whoever does number six is just gonna knock it out of the park. It’s gonna be awesome.”

That’s fairly non-committal, and the actor hardly blew everyone away with his fairly one-note performance as the son of Orlando Bloom’s Will, but there’s surely going to be some connective tissue in at least one of the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean films, so the door remains open.

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