Is Pixar Making Their Own Star Wars Film?


Will rumors never cease? If the casting/scripting/directing rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII weren’t enough, we now also have to contend with rumors about all those other Star Wars films: the spin-offs, the sequels, and the…animated films? Yes, that’s the latest rumor as apparently there will be some sort of animated Star Wars feature, produced by Disney’s own animation giant Pixar. A Pixar Star Wars film – now there’s an interesting idea.

The rumor arrives from Latino Review (via The Playlist) who have been curiously reliable in some of their scoops. The idea is that Pixar might make a foray into the Star Wars universe sometime in the next decade. The studio’s slate is covered all the way through 2018, so this will be a long long time in coming, but it’s an intriguing prospect nevertheless. Pixar obviously has a great track record, producing their own highly lucrative franchises and stand-alone films. With Disney looking to extend Star Wars for as long as audiences buy tickets, why not hand over the franchise to one of their most successful subsidiaries?

The next question we must ask is what characters or plot lines will Pixar tackle if they make a Star Wars film? With the main franchise covered by live action, that would leave any of the multiple spin-offs of popular characters that Disney has planned. A Pixar version of the Boba Fett story? The epic love story of C-3PO and R2-D2? Yoda’s youthful shenanigans? It could be anything.

As of right now this is just a rumor, so it may not be happening at all. But even if it is an unfounded rumor, maybe the rumor itself will give Disney some ideas. Truth be told, I’d be more interested in seeing what Pixar could come up with for the Star Wars universe than anything J.J. Abrams does.

What do you think about this latest Star Wars rumor? What characters would you like to see Pixar cover? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Playlist

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