Plan on binge-watching the Spider-verse? Here’s how long it will take

spider-man no way home

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available digitally around the globe and there has been no better time to binge through the entire Spider-Verse saga.

Whether you’ve seen these movies over the years or plan on exposing yourself to everything Spider-Man has to offer at once, you’ll want to know how much of an endeavor it will be before you take it on.

Thanks to Sony Pictures UK, who shared the binge-watch info on social media, taking on all the Spider-Men at once will take exactly 19 hours and 58 minutes.

This number is reached by adding the individual watch times for all nine Spider-Man movies which include Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland’s movies, along with the animated hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Here’s the breakdown so you can follow along:

  • Spider-Man – 2 hours, 1 minute
  • Spider-Man 2 – 2 hours, 7 minutes
  • Spider-Man 3 – 2 hours, 19 minutes
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – 2 hours, 16 minutes
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – 2 hours, 22 minutes
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming – 2 hours, 13 minutes
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – 1 hour, 56 minutes
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home – 2 hours, 10 minutes
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home – 2 hours, 28 minutes

You don’t have to stop there, though. If you really want to get into it, you can add the other Spider-Man-related films to this list, including Venom and Morbius, which take place across the multiverse. This isn’t even including the forthcoming Kraven The Hunter film that is currently in production.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available digitally worldwide now, and will be available to own physically on April 12.

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