First Plot Details For Alien Reboot Tease A Loyal Xenomorph


Having got their hands on the Alien franchise thanks to the Fox merger, Disney is wasting no time in relaunching the legendary sci-fi universe once again. The last movie in the series was 2017’s underwhelming Alien: Covenant, though, and it seems the studio is keen to distance themselves from that. In fact, according to the latest intel, Disney has gone so far as to reject creator Ridley Scott’s script for a reboot and is moving forward with a fresh one.

According to That Hashtag Show, who usually provide reliable info, the studio has hired unknown writers to come up with a different screenplay after they found Scott’s too “convoluted,” As such, the reboot will do away with Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley and any threads from the more recent Alien films. Instead, the new lead will be Fiona, described as a “Mary Elizabeth Winstead type,” the science officer on board a ship of colonists searching for a new homeworld.

Now, THS’ plot breakdown goes a lot deeper than that (spoilers incoming) and says that at least a couple of alien eggs will hatch on the ship and cause carnage. The twist is that Fiona is able to capture one of the Facehuggers and incubate it, growing it to adulthood in a tank. This results in a “good” Xenomorph, one that’s loyal to Fiona and the humans.

The big showdown of the movie will allegedly pit the good Xenomorph against a bad one, thereby delivering some unique alien vs. alien action. The good one will sacrifice itself to take out the bad one and keep the crew safe, but the film will end with another egg revealed to be attached to the ship, leaving the audience to ponder whether this will be a good or bad alien.

Disney is said to be very keen on the simplicity of this plot, although THS notes that the breakdown is based on an early draft, so it could get more complex. If it does well, though, the studio hopes to release a new Alien flick every other year.