Disney Reportedly Wants A New Alien Or Predator Movie Every Year Alternating


The Alien and Predator franchises have been inextricably linked for over three decades, and we’ve long since passed the stage where you don’t hear news about one without an update surrounding the other following close behind. Indeed, the two iconic extraterrestrials have crossed over in movies, comic books, video games and more, with both now in the process of being rebooted by their current owners at Disney.

An Alien TV show is on its way to Hulu courtesy of Ridley Scott and Noah Hawley, while 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg is working on a Predator reboot set among a tribe of Comanche warriors. As things stand, there are currently no Alien feature films officially in active development despite Scott intimating last year that something was in the works, but a new report claims that the Xenomorphs are getting another movie with a fresh premise, with the plan to alternate releases so there’s a new Alien or Predator arriving on an annual basis.

That’s certainly an ambitious and expensive undertaking, one that could realistically lead to overkill in a very short space of time should it happen. Excluding the two AvP crossovers, it took 38 years to deliver six Aliens and 31 years to deliver four Predators. The former may have combined to haul in over $1.3 billion at the box office, but the latter has never managed to pull in what would typically be described as blockbuster numbers, with Shane Black’s The Predator the highest-grossing installment with a haul of just $160 million.

Of course, Disney love nothing more than wringing every drop of earning potential from a marketable brand, and if this report pans out, we could be getting an onslaught of Alien and Predator for the foreseeable future.