First Plot Details For New Predator Reboot Reportedly Revealed


Shortly after it was confirmed last November that 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg had been tasked with the latest attempt to reboot Predator, the filmmaker took to social media and admitted his disappointment in the news being made public, revealing that he’d been working on it for a good couple of years already in secret.

Soon afterwards, it was reported that the story would focus on a young Native American warrior, and a period piece with such a uniquely interesting setting sounds as though it could result in an inspired action adventure, especially with the obvious sci-fi elements brought on by having intergalactic trophy hunters as the centerpiece of the narrative.

It turns out that these details had been lurking under our noses all along, too, after Trachtenberg was announced to be developing a mysterious 20th Century Studios film under the working title Skulls back in 2019. The project was said to follow ‘a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior,’ which sounds awfully familiar, not to mention the fact the Predators themselves love to keep hold of their enemies’ skulls as keepsakes.

A new report now claims to be offering up the first major plot details, and it certainly fits everything we know so far. The latest Predator will apparently follow rebellious 15 year-old Kee and her 18 year-old brother Taabe, who’s destined to be Chief of their tribe one day. After a hunt, Taabe thinks he doesn’t need his sister anymore, which causes friction between the siblings.

Determined to prove her worth, Kee then sets out on a hunt of her own, which is presumably where she’ll run into at least one Predator and ultimately wind up saving both the day and her entire tribe. It’s certainly a fresh take for a franchise that’s in desperate need of reinvention, because looking at the numbers, audiences have more than grown tired of the standard militarized shoot-em’-ups.