Release Date For Marvel’s Blade Reboot May’ve Been Revealed

blade reboot

With the reboot of Blade on the way and news about Halle Berry being eyed up for a role, many of us are eagerly waiting for more information about a possible release date (we know it’s early, but we can dream). Now, though, it appears our prayers may’ve been answered.

Recently, Disney announced a host of release dates for upcoming titles, including several movies from Marvel, and one date seems to stick out: October 7th, 2022. At a quick glance, it doesn’t appear to be anything special, as it could be for any MCU production. However, it’s worth knowing that no film by the studio has ever had an October release date.

Many of them may have been released in November, but not in October. This is a little strange and does make us wonder why October 7th should be marked in their calendar. It’s only speculation at this point, but is it possible that this could be in preparation for a release close to Halloween 2022 for the Blade reboot?

That’s what believes, and it kind of makes sense, if you think about it. We know the project is in development and with its dark theme and vampiric story arc, there’s no reason to believe that Marvel/Disney shouldn’t aim for a Halloween release. It’s the ideal time for a horror revamp (get it?) to see the light of day (or night), after all.

As of now, we don’t know a huge amount about Blade, other than it’ll star Mahershala Ali as the badass Daywalker and that Wesley Snipes has given his blessing to the film. Other than that, details are scarce, but we’ll aim to keep you posted as soon as we have any further information.