First Poster For The Human Centipede 2 Emerges

The first poster for The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), the follow-up to Tom Six‘s infamous The Human Centipede (First Sequence), has released, and it features what appears to be just a centipede on the surface. Upon a closer look, one can see that it’s actually a centipede-shaped structure, comprised of people.

The questionably authentic tagline from The Human Centipede, “100% medically accurate,” is also on the poster for its sequel.

Human Centipede 2 famously was completely banned from release in England, where it was exiled due to its linking of torture and arousal. However, the film is still set to release in America on October 7th, and it premiered on September 22nd at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.

Clearly, Six doesn’t have a problem with the way people are receiving his film. In an interview with the New York Times, regarding his film being labeled “torture porn,” he had had this to say:

I don’t have any problem with that, because I actually like the term. I see porno films, of course, and I like them, I have no problem with that at all. And there have been so many horror films, and that’s all torture and misery. That’s the genre. I kind of like that they combine it. I think my film is a torture porn with European art sauce or something.

I thought that the poster for the first Human Centipede was pretty disturbing, but this definitely takes it to a new level. Here’s the full-sized image, courtesy of /Film. Are you ready to face The Human Centipede 2?