New Poster And Image For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With production now finishing up on Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the promotional campaign is starting to get underway and today, we see the release of the first poster as well as a new behind the scenes image.

Seen above, the new photo shows off director Franchise Lawrence with stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. Nothing too special. As for the poster, seen below, it’s a complete dud and totally boring. Then again, this is only the first poster that’s been released so we’re holding out hope that the marketing machine can come up with something better for round two.

Though we haven’t seen much yet (aside from a few photos released last week), I’m definitely looking forward to the second entry in the beloved series. Catching Fire was my favorite of the three books and I’ve been excited to see it brought to life on the big screen for some time now. I wasn’t overly impressed with the first film but then again, I didn’t love the first book either.

I felt like the series really found its footing once it expanded beyond just the actual “Hunger Games” and dived into other areas of the universe, which I won’t spoil since I’m sure some of you haven’t read the novels yet. Let’s just say though that the story gets a lot deeper and opens up a lot more in Catching Fire and Mockingjay. There are a lot of moments in those two novels that I’m really looking forward to seeing on the big screen. I don’t expect the movies to be better than the books, but I do think that both The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay will be better films than the first entry. Not that Gary Ross’ movie was bad, it just didn’t completely win me over.

Anyways, before I get too off track, check out the image above and the poster below and as always, share your thoughts in the comments.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire arrives on November 22nd, 2013.